Sleep & Sleep Disorders

with Carolyn Schur

Sleep Better – Feel Better

Workplace health assessments and employee health assessments often include a question or two about sleep.

However, most organizations focus on exercise, smoking and diet and rarely address employee sleep concerns.

If you would like to help employees sleep better and feel better so that they can be more productive, consider offering one of the following presentations.


Do you have the energy to achieve all that you would like or are you too tired to bother? Rather than feeling like ‘Wahwahwahwah’ you could feel like ‘Zippideedoodah!’

This entertaining and informative presentation makes the case that our success is built on the benefits sleep offers and when we steal from sleep, we steal from our health, our well-being and our success.

Why sleep is so significant for health and well-being;

  • the 5 biggest ’sleep stealers’
  • the ’sleep fixers’ that will help you sleep better and feel better
  • the formula that will take you from ‘Wahwahwahwah’ to ‘Zippideedoodah!’
Suitable for teachers, educational psychologists and parents

Time Required: (2 hr)

Suitable for teachers, parents and students

Time Required: (1.5hr)

Ideal for mid-life, menopausal women

Time Requirement: (1.5 hours)

Sleep and mental health

Time Required: (1.0 hrs)

Are you fighting over bedtime or finding it impossible to wake your adolescents in the morning? Learn to understand the needs of ‘night owl’ children and how you can make life easier for all concerned.

Participants in this session will learn

  • how physiology plays a role in the behavior
  • two different morning strategies
  • a critical bedtime strategy
  • a strategy to ease the pain of waking
  • how to stay sane and reduce conflict
This presentation focuses on relationships with spouses, children and other family members. Learn strategies to reduce conflict and promote better relationships and understanding. This presentation is suitable for a general audience as well as family counselors, social workers and others who work with families.

Time Requirement: (1 hr)

This presentation focuses on the behavior of so-called “night owls” and “early birds” and how their particular behaviors impact the workplace.  Learn how to take advantage of the different behaviors to retain employees, enhance customer service and improve workplace relationships. This presentation will be of interest to human resource professionals and those interested in workplace diversity.

Time Requirement: (1hr)

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“This is such important information for our students (and staff!).
“Your presentation (Sleep Success for Seniors) was the best (our) folks have received. Some of them are sharing the information with people who were unable to attend.”

Professional Development

Courses are designed for health and wellness professionals, claims managers, EAP providers, occupational health nurses, health and disability plan providers who want to have a higher level of expertise about sleep and sleep disorders or who wish to incorporate this information into their practice or work with clients and employees.

Available Courses

“The considerable amount of knowledge (about sleep and sleep disorders) that has accumulated in recent times remains underutilized because awareness of these advances by both the general public and professionals remains inadequate.” Prof. Gregory Stores, 2009

Announcing! Sleep-U

A comprehensive sleep health education program for health and wellness professionals who wish to:

  • increase their expertise
  • add value for their clients
  • broaden their service capabilities

Sleep-U will be of interest to those who provide:

  • occupational health services
  • return to work assessments
  • health and wellness programs
  • EAP or EFAP
  • disability assessments
  • executive medical/health assessments
  • health promotion
  • medical treatment
  • psychiatric treatment
  • natural health remedies

Sleep-U courses include:

  • Foundations of Sleep and Sleep Health
  • Assessing and Resolving Employee Sleep Problems
  • Foundations of Sleep and Sleep Health!
  • Learn about sleep, sleep disorders and sleep health. Apply this knowledge to reduce sick time/absenteeism and drug costs and improve employee health and well-being.

You will learn about:

  • Physiology of sleep
  • Circadian type
  • Outcomes of poor sleep
  • Sleep and mental health
  • Sleep disorders
  • Other sleep problems
  • Shiftwork

Assessing and Resolving Employee Sleep Problems!

Though there are hundreds of tips and solutions offered for how to sleep better, none of them are of any value if you don’t know what is at the root of the sleep problem. Learn to do the assessments that uncover root causes and apply the appropriate solutions that will truly help your clients/employees sleep better and feel better.

Sleep-U – Foundations and Applications of Sleep Health! is a pre-requisite for this course.