SleepU: Sleep Health Education Program

SleepU is a comprehensive, leading-edge and innovative sleep health education program for professionals who wish to

  • expand their expertise
  • add value for their clients
  • broaden their service offerings

SleepU will be of interest to baby sleep consultants or respiratory technologists who want to expand their sleep knowledge beyond their current practice. It will also be of interest to health and wellness professionals, pharmacists, nurses, massage therapists and alternative health practitioners. Counsellors, educators, safety professionals and life and health coaches will also benefit from this program.

The SleepU: Sleep health Education Program

  • Views sleep in the context of health and well-being;
  • Incorporates a broad range of health information which recognizes that sleep and health share a reciprocal relationship;
  • Incorporates a broad range of remedies for sleep and sleep health;
  • Advocates proposing better sleep strategies only after a comprehensive sleep and health assessment

SleepU participants can achieve certification as a

  • Sleep Health Education (SHE)
  • Shiftwork Sleep Health Educator (SWE)
  • Sleeop Health Practitioner (SHP) / Insomnia Specialist

SleepU Instructor

Carolyn Schur has been a sleep health educator and sleep health practitioner since 1994. Her career in ‘sleep’ began with the publication of the ground-breaking book ‘Birds of a Different Feather: Early Birds and Night Owls Talk About Their Characteristic Behaviors.’

Carolyn is an Associate member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and is regularly called upon by the media to share her expertise. She has worked across Canada and the US helping shiftworkers and those with insomnia sleep better and feel better and has spoken at many conferences about sleep and sleep disorders.

Program Modules

  • Modules 100 – 102 are sequential and are a pre-requisite for all other modules. Modules 105 – 108 also require Module 104 as a pre-requisite.
  • Modules will be offered in a combination of virtual, on-line and on-site offerings, as required and to be determined.
  • Modules include self-awareness activities and self-study projects.
  • Participants wishing to gain continuing education credits should seek prior approval from their governing body.

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