Sleep Assessments with Carolyn Schur

  • Are you one of the millions of people struggling with insomnia and other sleep problems?
  • Have you exhausted the offerings of both the internet and your physician?
  • Are you feeling hopeless because you’ve had insomnia for so long and nothing seems to help?

I think this doesn’t have to be. There are solutions to help you sleep better and feel better.

But my experience and training has taught me that the question ‘what is the solution?’ is not the right question?

The better question is “what is causing your sleep problem?”

Get to the Root of the Problem and Create Lasting Results!

Only by knowing the reason for your sleep problem can a solution for better sleep be found.

After completing a comprehensive interview-based assessment, I offer recommendations and solutions that will help you sleep better and feel better.

You will walk away knowing what you need to do to sleep better tonight and what strategies will help you have long term results.

Need on-going Support? If you have had insomnia for many years, you may benefit from on-going support.

That’s why I provide follow-up coaching to help you implement new strategies and overcome old behaviors. These sessions can be booked after the assessment.

Men, women, children or teens should have a sleep assessment if they

  • have done the Self-test – “Do you have a sleep disorder?” – and answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions
  • have heart problems, Type II diabetes, high blood pressure
  • have depression or anxiety
  • have Down’s syndrome

If you are a shiftworker and the usual measures to promote health and well-being do not have the desired results, you may have a sleep disorder and a sleep assessment is advised.

Children who have learning problems or behavioral problems such as hyperactivity or inattentiveness should also be assessed for a sleep disorder.

Did you know that adults and children are both subject to sleep disorders, though children are prone to hyperactivity, inattentiveness and behavior problems as a result of sleep loss, while adults are more likely to be lethargic and unresponsive?

Research has shown that hypertension, obesity, Type II diabetes and congestive heart failure have a strong relationship particularly to Sleep Disordered Breathing and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I have assisted countless clients who have struggled with many of these conditions find sleep solutions and strategies that meat their personal needs while improving their quality of life.

Anyone who is having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, has daytime sleepiness or difficulty waking, snores or needs to be tested for sleep apnea. We do assessments of adults, teens and children.
Yes and no. The purpose is the same, but the processes are different. Associated Sleep Services is a screening centre, while hospital clinics are equipped to provide diagnosis and treatment.

Both will collect information while you are sleeping if you are being checked for sleep apnea. However, the clinic requires that you sleep overnight in the clinic. Associated Sleep Services will provide you with equipment that will collect information while you sleep at home. This equipment will collect the critical information that a physician requires to confirm diagnosis and determine treatment.

Most sleep clinics are also focused on sleep apnea and do not always have the resources to diagnose and treat other sleep disorders. Associated Sleep Services provides service for all sleep disorders.

No. However, some health plans require a doctor’s referral as a condition of reimbursement.

To access our services call for an appointment (306-975-1165) or have your physician make a referral. Service fees are paid by the individual at the time of service. Receipts are provided.

Carolyn Schur Sleep Expert and Public Speaker

Carolyn Schur


Did you know that between 5 – 7 million people in Canada may be suffering with a sleep disorder? Of those, about 90% are undiagnosed and untreated. You or someone you know may be one of them!
My expertise is rooted in personal experience as well as years of research and study. (See my Journey)

I completed a Loma Linda University offering called ‘Sleep Medicine 2005: A Practitioner’s Guide to Sleep Disorders’ and am an Associate Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

I have written four books, contributed to a variety of publications and am frequently called on by worldwide media for expert comment.

In fact, I am so well known for my expertise on sleep that I am often referred to as the Sleep Queen!

Let’s get you some ZZZ…’s

Call me at 306-975-1114 for an appointment in my office or by Skype.

“I wanted to thank you for your counseling and suggestions.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that

I had actually slept for about 4 hours at a stretch last night!!”

Sleep History/Assessment

The foundation of my service is the Sleep Assessment. The sleep assessment is an extended interview in my office. We will discuss your health history, a sleep history and look for evidence of any sleep disorders. Private and confidential this information is critical in determining the root cause of your sleep problems while offering insights into the best strategies to help you sleep better.

During this appointment, we will discuss what happens with your sleep and why you may not be sleeping well or be tired all the time. I will share various diagnostic and treatment options that may be available to you.

I provide you and your physician with a report so that a diagnosis can be confirmed and treatment undertaken.

This assessment requires approximately 2 hours.

“You were very helpful. I’ve been doing as you suggested and it’s helping. I’m feeling more rested.”
“I wanted to thank you for your counselling and suggestions. When I woke up this morning, I realized that I had actually slept for about 4 hours at a stretch last night!!”
“I’m glad I came to see you. You gave me some good tools (to help me sleep better.)”

Sleep Apnea Testing

The usual way of diagnosing someone with sleep apnea is to have an overnight study done at a sleep clinic. However, many people are not able to access this service because of costs or long wait times.

If the Sleep assessment provides evidence of symptoms of sleep apnea, further evidence is required to indicate severity of the disorder and to confirm a diagnosis. I provide you with the equipment to complete the test while you sleep at home. Your physician is welcome to the test results so that a diagnosis can be confirmed and treatment undertaken.

You receive your results much quick when working with me than a clinical study as will not have to wait for a bed at an overnight sleep clinic. The sooner you are diagnosed, the sooner you can be treated.

Sleep Apnea Testing Saskatoon, SK

Sleep doesn’t have to be a day dream. Let’s get you some ZZZ…’s

Call me. 306-975-1114.