Shiftwork Management Strategies

Having shiftwork employees learn how to manage their sleeping and eating for health, safety and performance is a very good way to start developing a Shiftwise workplace.

However, much of the success of a shiftwork workplace comes from other management and operational factors.

Do you have a Best-practise Shiftwork Schedule?

I can review your schedule and make recommendations for improvement or work with the stakeholders in your organization to develop a shiftwork schedule that will meet your needs.

“(The schedule you designed) was a savior this year for us. We really like it.” – Ronnie, U.S. Corp of Engineers

Are management and operational policies conducive to a ’round-the-clock operation?

I can assess your practices and policies and make recommendations or work with you to address specific issues and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Practical Solutions – If it doesn’t fit in with shift workers’ schedule or lifestyle or an organization’s operations, it is just a waste of time. My experience has led me to an understanding of what is practical, but yet reflects the best expertise on the subject.A wider range of relevant content – Shift workers have a primary interest in sleep, diet and family strategies. I go beyond the basics and provide information about common sleep disorders and strategies for maintaining alertness and overcoming sleepiness and fatigue while at work or driving.

Specialty in circadian rhythm disorders – Giving information about shift work is only relevant if it is based on knowledge of circadian rhythms and circadian type. I incorporate this information in a simple to understand explanation so that shift workers can work ‘with’ their body and not against it.

Assessments – For those shift workers who are having more than the usual challenges with shift work, I have developed assessments to determine the root of their difficulty and can make recommendations for improvement.

Sleep Expert Carolyn Schur

Carolyn Schur

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