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Night Owl Network

Night Owl Network is dedicated to helping night owls live comfortably in an early bird world.

In the morning . . . .

a. I don’t usually rely on an alarm clock or I wake and get out of bed as soon as the alarm rings.

b. I hit the snooze button. I hit the snooze button. I hit the snooze button. Eventually, I drag myself out of bed.

At 9:30 in the evening . . . .

a. I have been in bed for an hour.

b. I am doing the laundry, vacuuming and baking bread.

The time of day that I am most alert and energetic is . . . .

a. Early morning

b. Afternoon

c. Late evening

If you are a night owl, your choices were probably obvious (b, b, c). If you are an early bird, your choices should also have been obvious (a,a, a)

But what if you’re saying, “Well, sometimes, I do this and sometimes, I do that. It just depends.” If you have chosen some early bird responses and some night owl responses, you may be an Intermediate. Intermediates may be more flexible with their schedules, sometimes adhering to early bird schedules and sometimes to night owl schedules as the need arises. They are, however, much more affected by the “post lunch dip,” that very strong desire for sleep in the early afternoon.

“I Don’t do Mornings!”

A lively presentation about the author’s experience as a night owl living in an early bird world, how she came to terms with this behavior and how it led to the publication of Birds of a Different Feather. (1 hr.)

“Living with a Bird of a Different Feather”

This presentation focuses on relationships with spouses, children and other family members. Learn strategies to reduce conflict and promote better relationships and understanding. This presentation is suitable for a general audience as well as family counselors, social workers and others who work with families. (1 hr.) – (more)

“Birds of a Different Feather at Work”

This presentation focuses on productivity and relationships in the workplace. Learn how to take advantage of the different behaviors to retain employees, enhance customer service and improve workplace relationships. This presentation is suitable for human resource managers, wellness program coordinators and others who manage work and workers. (1 hr.)

Determining Fitness for Duty

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Whether you consider yourself successful or suffering, don’t believe the myths that are often offered to explain shiftworker success or suffering. It is not because you’re tough or not tough enough or that you’re not trying hard enough or that shiftwork is just always difficult.

Are You a Successful Shiftworker?

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Whether you consider yourself successful or suffering, don’t believe the myths that are often offered to explain shiftworker success or suffering. It is not because you’re tough or not tough enough or that you’re not trying hard enough or that shiftwork is just always difficult.

Fatigue Management: Are We Getting it Right?

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‘Fatigue management’ is an important concern for workplace safety. But an article by someone considered to be an expert on the subject has once again convinced me that we are not getting ‘fatigue management’ right. And there are consequences. By not getting fatigue management right workplaces are developing ‘fatigue management’ programs which are not effective and may even be missing the mark in terms of preventing accidents and injuries.

Sleep Problems and Addictions

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Poor sleep and sleep deprivation are known to adversely affect health, performance and safety. Poor sleep and difficulty falling asleep are also associated with addictions. This may be because an addiction can impact sleep but it can also be the case that someone with a sleep problem develops an addiction.

5 Management Strategies to Reduce Shiftworker Fatigue

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As a manager, you may not be able to control every aspect of the shiftwork workplace, but if you can implement even one or two strategies to reduce employee sleepiness and fatigue you will reduce the need to deal with other issues like absenteeism, turnover and increased health and benefit costs.

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“I found your book most interesting. It has the potential to make a real contribution to society. Many, especially night owls, will read this book and feel relieved to know there is not anything abnormal or morally wrong about their schedule preferences. Even though I have been reading in the area of circadian rhythms for about 8 years now, you revealed important aspects which I have not encountered elsewhere.”
Alison Smiley, PhD Human Factors North
“I am a lifelong night owl, and my periodic attempts to get in sync with my spouse have merely resulted in a night owl who gets up early for a few weeks. Maybe (your book) will help us understand each other a little better.”
“As I was reading I was just laughing because I recognized myself everywhere in the book.”
“Wow! You don’t know me and yet you know me so well!”
“I really understand my husband better now. It’s made a real difference in how I relate to him.”

Carolyn Schur Sleep Expert and Public Speaker

I am speaker, consultant and coach. But I am first and foremost, a night owl. I know first hand the joys and challenges of being a night owl in an early bird world.

Since the publication of Birds of a Different Feather in 1994, I have spoken to various groups and organizations and appeared on regional and national radio and TV shows. I continue to work to achieve greater awareness of the workplace and relationship issues related to night owl sleep and wake schedules.

Carolyn Schur





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