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My publications and work with shiftworkers of the largest corporations domestically and internationally has provided me the opportunity to be invited as a Sleep Expert on a number of Media platforms and a variety of professional and trade publications.  Since writing my first book I have written two more, Working ‘Round the Clock: A Survival Guide for Shift and Night Workers and Alert@Work: Keys to Managing Sleepiness and Fatigue at Work.

I am available for media interviews on the following topics:

  • Sleep and sleep deprivation
  • Effects of sleep deprivation on health and safety
  • Circadian rhythym sleep disorders (shift work sleep disorder, delayed sleep phase disorder)
  • Night owl behavior and its implications for work, relationships, and parenting
  • Alertness strategies
  • Fatigue and driving or working
  • Shift work – its effects and how to cope with it

Requests for interviews should be directed to:

Carolyn Schur
Toll-free: 1-866-975-1165 or email

Special features on sleep and fatigue are appropriate for:

  • National Sleep Awareness Week
  • National Occupational Health and Safety Week

(Permission to reprint articles or excerpts from Carolyn’s publications: forward details to email as above.)

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