Are you in healthcare?

The studies and research have been done and recommendations made. Everyone agrees that workplaces in healthcare are not healthy and that action must be taken at the front line to ensure the health and safety of both health care providers and patients.

Healthy Workplaces in Healthcare

is a comprehensive array of programs and resources offered by Schur Goode Associates for front line managers and caregivers who wish to ensure healthy workplaces through better leadership, relationships, health and safety and human resource management.

Create a healthy workplace that attracts the best employees and where absenteeism, turnover and health and drug costs are minimized.

The workshop was fantastic. Carolyn was informative and a pleasure to listen to. I learned so much.

I loved this workshop. I’d give the day a 5/5.
UNA members, Grey Nuns Hospital, Edmonton

Carolyn Schur,

Schur Goode Associates

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How to Be a Successful Shiftworker (2.5 hrs.)

Strategies for sleeping, eating and feeling better when doing shiftwork.

PowerUP! (1 hr.)

How to deal with sleepiness and fatigue and promote alertness to ensure safety.

Stress Less! (1 hr.)

Strategies to deal with stress and feel more in control

Sleep Success in Mid-Life (1.5 hrs.)

Addresses the factors that disrupt mid-life sleep patterns of women

Little Girls Play Nice (1 hr.)

Improve relationships and reduce conflict when working with or managing women

Do You See What I See? (1 hr.)

Understand your perceptions to improve communication with staff and patients

Shiftwork and Fatigue 101 – (3 hrs.)

for managers, human resource and health and safety professionals

Shiftwork Sleep Disorder

How to recognize it and what to do about it

Other Services

  • Schedule clinic – engage all stakeholders in developing schedules
  • Fatigue Risk Management – develop policies and procedures
  • Shiftworker assessment – to help inform decisions regarding employees struggling with shiftwork or health issues
  • Conflict coaching – for those experiencing conflict with colleagues
  • Management coaching – helping women be more effective managers