Consulting with Carolyn Schur

Presentations are an effective way to increase employee awareness and help them develop strategies to sleep better and feel better.

However, a presentation is often not enough. You may need more help or want solutions customized to your needs and your workplace.

That’s when I can really add value.

Perhaps you need to know how to improve a shiftwork schedule?

Or you would like to improve your policies and procedures to improve the workplace for shiftworkers.

What are your goals?

Let’s start with a discussion about your specific needs and goals.

Let me bring my expertise in management, human resources, program development, change management and health and apply it to the specific needs of your workplace.

I will assess your needs, develop a plan and give you direction to successful implement initiatives.

Carolyn Schur Sleep Expert and Public Speaker

What have you to gain?

  • Improved employee performance
  • Reduced absenteeism and turnover
  • Reduced injuries and WCB costs
  • Reduced healthcare and drug costs
  • Improved employee moral and engagement

YES! We can make it happen!

Call 1-306-975-1114 today and let’s get started.

Let’s create a workplace where employees Unleash their Energy for Health and Performance Excellence.