Win! Win! Win!: Stress and Absence Management in Healthcare

Anyone working in healthcare recognizes that healthcare workplaces are very stressful environments. Excessive workloads, extended hours and overtime, staff shortages, demanding patients and families and uncooperative colleagues, all contribute to high levels of stress. This is why some have found that buying from places similar to an online dispensary canada to acquire cannabis has helped [...]

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Shiftwork and Risk of Breast Cancer

Research has found a relationship between shiftwork, particularly shiftwork involving nights, and an increased risk for cancer. This has led the International Agency for Research on Cancer to conclude that shift work is a probable carcinogen. For women, the specific concern is the risk of breast cancer. Using data from the Nurses’ Health Study in [...]

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Hours of Work

In the last century, there has been a drive to shorten not only the total hours worked per week but also the total hours worked within a 24 hour period. As a result, we gradually saw the shortening of the work day to 8 or 7.5 hours and many work weeks are customarily 40 hours [...]

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It’s Nurses Week – Take a Nap!

Nurses will appreciate the acknowledgment they get during Nurses Week, but instead of chocolates and flowers, consider a gesture that would enable a nurse to take a nap or get a full 7 -8 hours of sleep. You will be a hero and the nurse in question will be healthier and happier.

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