When the Tour Never Ends

I was once a member of a choir that occasionally undertook international concert tours.  I have many wonderful memories of travelling and performing with 75 of my best musicalfriends.We visiteda host of countries I might not have otherwise seen and we sang in some of the most architecturally and acoustically acclaimed venues you could imagine. [...]

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Meltdown and Relationships

You Said What? How Fatigue-Induced Melt-Downs Ruin Relationships I have written previously about being a member of a choir on extended concert tours and the fatigue that I experienced on those tours. In spite of being fatigued, we could perform effectively because we were very well rehearsed and we did not need to deal with [...]

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Why are Nurses Tired?

When we think of the health, safety and well-being of nurses, the first thing that usually comes to mind is 12-hour shifts. When I do presentations about shiftwork, the first question I am always asked is “What do you think of 12-hour shifts?” A recent social media post picked up on this exact issue by [...]

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