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Carolyn Schur is a Sleep Expert and Speaker specializing in Shift Work Management, Conflict Resolution and Insomnia. Carolyn works with independent and corporate clients offering education and sleep strategies to improve employee performance and personal quality of life. 306-975-1114 / 1-866-975-1165

Sleep Problems and Addictions

Poor sleep and sleep deprivation are known to adversely affect health, performance and safety. Poor sleep and difficulty falling asleep are also associated with addictions. This may be because an addiction can impact sleep but it can also be the case that someone with a sleep problem develops an addiction.

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Work Stress and Burnout – Bio-Clinical Markers

Work stress can manifest for many reasons – long hours, work overload, unrealistic expectations, conflict and toxic workplace cultures to name just a few. If not curtailed, this stress can lead to burnout. Though commonly thought of as a condition of ‘emotional’ exhaustion, burnout can be considered as extreme emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. Psychological [...]

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Nurses and Presenteeism

(This is an article from: AUTONOMIC NURSING DIGEST April 17, 2018 ~ Ray) Which nurse hasn’t turned up to work feeling “under the weather”? It is considered usual practice that nurses soldier on no matter the consequences. Nurses know the consequences to themselves and to their patients from this behaviour. Yet they continue to do [...]

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