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Carolyn Schur is a Sleep Expert and Speaker specializing in Shift Work Management, Conflict Resolution and Insomnia. Carolyn works with independent and corporate clients offering education and sleep strategies to improve employee performance and personal quality of life. 306-975-1114 / 1-866-975-1165

Are You a Successful Shiftworker?

Whether you consider yourself successful or suffering, don’t believe the myths that are often offered to explain shiftworker success or suffering. It is not because you’re tough or not tough enough or that you’re not trying hard enough or that shiftwork is just always difficult.

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Fatigue Management: Are We Getting it Right?

‘Fatigue management’ is an important concern for workplace safety. But an article by someone considered to be an expert on the subject has once again convinced me that we are not getting ‘fatigue management’ right. And there are consequences. By not getting fatigue management right workplaces are developing ‘fatigue management’ programs which are not effective and may even be missing the mark in terms of preventing accidents and injuries.

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