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Carolyn Schur is a Sleep Expert and Speaker specializing in Shift Work Management, Conflict Resolution and Insomnia. Carolyn works with corporate clients and individuals offering education and sleep strategies to improve employee performance and personal quality of life. Contact Carolyn at 306-975-1114 / 1-866-975-1165

Myths About Shiftwork

Shift workers’ lives can only be improved by making schedule improvements. Schedules are a major influence on shift worker well-being. Best practice schedules can greatly reduce the stress and fatigue associated with shift work. You can learn about schedule best practices in our on-sight Schedule Clinic or in our tele-seminar by the same name. However, [...]

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Round-The-Clock’ Fatigue Busters

Continuous mental or physical effort, long work periods and rotating shift schedules all can induce fatigue. Omissions, errors, accidents and extensive use of sick and disability time may be the result. Consider the following low-cost, no-cost strategies to reduce fatigue, promote alertness and increase efficiency and productivity. 1. Drink water - Water promotes oxygen flow to the brain [...]

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The Shiftwise Worker

-Understands shiftwork hazards, causes & consequences. -Lifestyle ensures a healthy mind & body. -Views shiftwork as a lifestyle choice. -Finds a balance between disadvantages & advantages. -Works with, not against, the body. -Implements strategies to promote sleep quantity & quality. -Implements strategies to reduce fatigue & promote alertness. -Implements strategies to reduce stress. -Has a [...]

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Managing The Shiftwork Workplace

A shift work workplace is clearly differentiated from other workplaces that operate Monday through Friday, nine to five. The many unique features of shift work impact on productivity, safety and employee health and well-being. Human resource managers need to consider a variety of issues in addition to their usual undertakings. How Shiftwise are the human resource [...]

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