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Carolyn Schur is a Sleep Expert and Speaker specializing in Shift Work Management, Conflict Resolution and Insomnia. Carolyn works with corporate clients and individuals offering education and sleep strategies to improve employee performance and personal quality of life. Contact Carolyn at 306-975-1114 / 1-866-975-1165

Can You Recognize an Alcoholic?

Earlier in my career, I worked at a community college where I shared office space with the nurse educators. I became friends with many of them and even joined one of them - I’ll call her Sharon – for some social events outside the college. One day, while at work, I noticed that Sharon seemed [...]

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Impaired – Due to Alcohol or Sleepiness?

In a recent case, an employee in a safety-sensitive position was fired because he was found to be impaired by alcohol. This employee went off the highway on his way to work. The attending police officer smelled alcohol and the employee gave a breath sample that measured .045. In the Canadian jurisdiction in which this [...]

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24 Hour Shifts: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Shiftworkers and employers are always in search for the perfect shift schedule. Usually the debate is about 8 and 12 hour shifts and which is better. However, there is more interest now in the ’super-long’ shifts of 16 and 24 hours. Residents in hospitals have been subjected to the 30-hour-plus on-call shift schedule for years. [...]

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Hours of Work

In the last century, there has been a drive to shorten not only the total hours worked per week but also the total hours worked within a 24 hour period. As a result, we gradually saw the shortening of the work day to 8 or 7.5 hours and many work weeks are customarily 40 hours [...]

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