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How Night Owls View Early Birds

"A person thinks that (early birds) are energetic and virtuous. And probably a pain! There's nothing more infuriating then when somebody tells you that they got up at 4:30 (in the morning) and they exercised [...]

How Early Birds View Night Owls

"When I think about night owls, I think that they're party people - that they always want to be out and partying. I also wonder how they can manage on so few hours sleep because [...]

You Were Born a Night Owl

Most people believe that night owl behavior is the result of a personality trait. You must be lazy or irresponsible or undisciplined. This is a misconception. Night owls may, in fact, demonstrate the traits noted, [...]

When the Tour Never Ends

I was once a member of a choir that occasionally undertook international concert tours.  I have many wonderful memories of travelling and performing with 75 of my best musicalfriends.We visiteda host of countries I might [...]

Meltdown and Relationships

You Said What? How Fatigue-Induced Melt-Downs Ruin Relationships I have written previously about being a member of a choir on extended concert tours and the fatigue that I experienced on those tours. In spite of [...]

Why are Nurses Tired?

When we think of the health, safety and well-being of nurses, the first thing that usually comes to mind is 12-hour shifts. When I do presentations about shiftwork, the first question I am always asked [...]