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Carolyn Schur

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Are you being challenged by shiftwork, fatigue, conflict, stress or insomnia.

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I am Carolyn Schur of Schur Goode Associates which includes Alert@Work, Associated Sleep Services and Night Owl Network. As a Sleep Expert, Professional Speaker, Conflict Coach and Consultant I work with organizations to optimize employee health and performance and reduce absenteeism, injuries and health costs.

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  • Do you have high rates of absenteeism?
  • Are health and drug costs spiraling out of control?
  • Do you want to reduce injuries and errors?

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I offer practical solutions based on leading-edge research and experience in human resources, training, management and occupational health and safety. In addition to consulting with corporate clients and speaking at conferences, I work with individual clients seeking to resolve their insomnia or resolve conflict with a colleague.

Being a night owl, I found living in an early bird world difficult. For years I wondered why I could not sleep and wake like everyone else. Frustrated and curious, I sought answers in scientific and medical libraries. What I found not only changed my life, but also led me to my career as a sleep educator and author.

I published Birds of a Different Feather: Early Birds and Night Owls Talk About Their Characteristic Behaviors in 1994 to address the needs of night owls like myself who deal with the challenges of early day-time schedules.

However, shortly, thereafter, shiftworkers who deal with the challenges of night work sought my help.

The research I had done for the book about sleep and circadian rhythms gave me a solid foundation for understanding why shiftwork was a challenge.

By combining not only my expertise but my work experience, I have been able to provide innovative and practical solutions to shiftworkers across Canada and the US since 1996.

While working with shiftworkers, two things happened. One, I realized that for some of them, their sleep problem was not caused by shiftwork, but by a sleep disorder. Secondly, many of them would ask my advise about a friend or family member who was not a shiftworker, but had sleep problems.

I had come to know much about sleep disorders, but I undertook further research and study and established Associated Sleep Services in 2006 to help individuals with sleep disorders.

Though ‘sleep’ has been my career for a long time, I also wear a different hat – conflict coach – which is reflective of my career before ‘sleep’.

I started life as a teacher and evolved from the classroom to work as a curriculum developer and program manager. I established Schur Goode Associates as a training and consulting company in 1989. I provided seminars on workplace change, conflict management, performance management and management skill development. I also developed several on-the-job training programs.

At the same time, I researched and wrote my first book, which, as noted above, led me to my career in ‘sleep.’

However, I have not given up my interest in communication and relationships, and if anything, there is even more interest now in conflict at work and bullying.

That is why I continue to offer presentations on these topics and to coach those in conflict with colleagues at work.

I am one of the lucky ones to have a career that does not feel like work and I derive tremendous satisfaction from seeing my clients overcome their challenges and thrive.

But when I step away from work, I enjoy walking in the parks in our neighborhood and getting away to the sun in Phoenix in the fall and winter.



Some of My Clients Include:


Brenden, Healthcare

“One of the best presentations I’ve been at for some time with very specific application to our workplace.”

BP, Colorado

“I’ve been a shiftworker for 20 years, so I thought it would be a waste of time, but I’ve already learned more in the first hour than I thought I would learn in the whole presentation.”

UNA Member, Edmonton, Grey Nuns Hospital –

“The workshop was fantastic. Carolyn was informative and a pleasure to listen to. I learned so much.”

UNA member, Edmonton, Grey Nuns Hospital –

“I loved this workshop. I’d give the day a 5/5”

Chandra Clark, UNA, Edmonton –

“The sessions were informative and humorous, the perfect combination for learning. I have shared (your information) with other Locals.”

SUN OH&S members –

“Enjoyed it immensely. I found your presentation incredibly interesting.”

“Your presentation style was very relaxed, yet professional. She knew her stuff.”

Ronnie, U.S. Corp of Engineers – “(The new shift schedule you designed) was a savior this year for us. We really like it.”

Chantel, writing feature article about shiftwork –“You are such a wealth of information, so it wasn’t hard to put (the article) together.”

“She understands the information she is teaching and can relate to the shift worker well.”

Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations –“Most people checked ‘excellent’ for both your sessions.”

Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Sarah, Women’s Midlife Health Centre –“Your explanation of sleep and helpful advice was excellent. Many of us tried at least one tip and found success!”

Beth, SWITCH Program Co-ordinator – “knowledgeable speaker, engaging and easy to understand; interactive and informative presentation”

Melanie – “Sleep has been much better (since I’ve talked to you). I really am a good sleeper now.”

Tanya – “I’m glad I came to see you. You gave me some good tools (to help me sleep better.)”

Jean – “I wanted to thank you for your counseling and suggestions. When I woke up this morning, I realized that I had actually slept for about 4 hours at a stretch last night!!”

Marlene – “You were very helpful. I’ve been doing as you suggested and it’s helping. I’m feeling more rested.”

Tammy – “I want to tell you how much I benefitted from our time together.”

Madge – “It really helped to talk with someone that could understand my problem.”

SWN newsletter  -“Carolyn sparked the interest of those in attendance. It would be nice to hear her speak at length on it (sleep).”

Michael K Epstein, PhD, Centre for Integrative Medicine , University of Saskatchewan –

“Carolyn’s presentation on sleep disorders attracted an unusually large audience of physicians, nurses and allied health practitioners and was extremely well received.”


Conference Coordinators, University of Saskatchewan –“The comments about your presentation “Zapp the energy Zappers! (now called PowerUP!) were absolutely spectacular”

Communication  & Conflict Coaching

“What I got from you and what I got from the other person was no comparison. You gave me way more tools.”

“You made me a better person.”

“You are bringing clarity to the cloud that’s been hanging over me.”

My publications and work with shiftworkers of the largest corporations domestically and internationally has provided me the opportunity to be invited as a Sleep Expert on a number of Media platforms and a variety of professional and trade publications.  Since writing my first book I have written two more, Working ‘Round the Clock: A Survival Guide for Shift and Night Workers and Alert@Work: Keys to Managing Sleepiness and Fatigue at Work.

I am available for media interviews on the following topics:

  • Sleep and sleep deprivation
  • Effects of sleep deprivation on health and safety
  • Circadian rhythym sleep disorders (shift work sleep disorder, delayed sleep phase disorder)
  • Night owl behavior and its implications for work, relationships, and parenting
  • Alertness strategies
  • Fatigue and driving or working
  • Shift work – its effects and how to cope with it

Requests for interviews should be directed to:

Carolyn Schur


Toll-free: 1-866-975-1165 or email

Special features on sleep and fatigue are appropriate for:

  • National Sleep Awareness Week
  • National Occupational Health and Safety Week

(Permission to reprint articles or excerpts from Carolyn’s publications: forward details to email as above.)

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